Thursday, February 09, 2006

Plato's REPUBLIC Assignment

Each student has drawn, by lot, a chapter from the Republic. (See list below.)

Your assignment:

· Read the chapter thoroughly.
· Make a summary or outline of the main points, and be ready to share it with the class. If you’d like to pass out copies or other types of handouts, check with Dan Collins about getting them made. (Please give him at least two day’s notice.)
· Lead the class in discussion for at least 30 minutes.
· For your Paper #2, turn in your summary/outline, proposed discussion questions and a two page evaluation of the discussion, making any clarifications or further observations that might be needed to round out our understanding of the chapter. Please include a bibliography of any works you have used in preparing for the discussion.
· This paper will be due exactly one week after you’ve led your discussion.

Tentative Discussion Schedule:

Book 1: pp. 1-30; Joshua 2/13
Book 2-3: pp. 40-83; Nicole 2/15
Book 4: pp. 84-115; Nick 2/17
Book 5: pp. 117-148; Joseph 2/20
Book 6: pp. 149-176; Brandon 2/22
Book 7: pp. 177-202; Aimee 2/24
Book 8: pp. 203-229; Dan 2/27
Book 9: pp. 230-251; Abby 3/1
Book 10: pp. 251-277: James 3/3

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