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Aristotle: Online and Print Sources

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As we begin the second half of our course, we turn to Aristotle and will be reading selections from several of his works. One good place to find them is online at

Online Works of Aristotle

You may prefer to invest in either Richard McKeon's The Basic Works of Aristotle , $31.47 from Amazon, or if you're really feeling flush the two-volume set, Complete Works of Aristotle, edited by Jonathan Barnes, at about $40 a volume.

Select Secondary Sources

1) Reliable Online Sources

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Aristotle’s Logic :

Aristotle on Causality:

Aristotle and Mathematics

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Aristotle: General Introduction:

Motion and its place in nature






Garth Kemerling’s Philosophy Pages: Aristotle

Chris Howard’s Aristotle and Aristotelianism

Radical Academy: Aristotle

2) Reliable Print Sources:

Barnes J Aristotle (Past Masters Series: Oxford University Press, 1981):
This volume also appeared along with R.M.Hare’s volume on Plato and Henry Chadwick’s volume on Augustine under the title Founders of Thought (Oxford University Press, 1991)

Ackrill J.L., Aristotle the Philosopher (Oxford University Press, 1981)

Allen D.J., The Philosophy of Aristotle (Oxford University Press, 1952)

Lear J., Aristotle: the Desire to Understand (Cambridge University Press, 1988)

Lloyd G.E.R., Aristotle: the Growth and Structure of his Thought (Cambridge University Press, 1968)

Ross W.D., Aristotle (Methuen, London, 5th Edition 1949)

J. Owens, The Doctrine of Being in the Aristotelian Metaphysics, 3rd ec. Toronto, 1978
You might also want to check out Garth Kemerling’s Online Bibliography:

Richard Hooker's excellent treatment.
a thorough article in * The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
Gordon L. Ziniewicz on the physics and metaphysics and the ethics of Aristotle.
William Turner's full treatment in The Catholic Encyclopedia.
articles in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on:
Aristotle's rhetoric by Christof Rapp.
Aristotle's logic by Robin Smith.
Aristotle and mathematics by Henry Mendell.
Aristotle's metaphysics by S. Marc Cohen.
Aristotle's psychology by Christopher Shields.
Aristotle's ethics by Richard Kraut.
Aristotle's political theory by Fred D. Miller, Jr.
The thorough collection of resources at
the excellent treatment of virtue ethics from Lawrence Hinman.
The article in the Columbia Encyclopedia at
A bibliography of recent articles from S. Marc Cohen.
Björn Christensson's guide to Aristotle studies.
Eric Weisstein's entry in World of Scientific Biography.
Aristotle and the morally excellent brain, from David DeMoss.
A paper on Aristotle's treatment of homosexuality by Guy Bouchard.
an article by D. K. House on whether Aristotle understood Plato.
A literary analysis in The Perseus Encyclopedia.
an account of Aristotle's contribution to mathematics from Mathematical MacTutor
The entry at

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